WTF, Pandora?

Y'all. So, I'm off work on Sundays and Mondays.  I'm doing a writing weekend and I've already added about 15,000 words to my novel. Yay, me! I usually play the Pandora station, Classical for Studying, through my Apple TV and surround sound while I write because it helps keep my head clear. Anyway, I'm sitting here just chugging... Continue Reading →

Very Excited – Updates

This morning, when I am so tired before work, @debharkness and @badwolf_tv are giving me life with this new US @ADiscoveryofWitchTV trailer (YouTube). I cannot wait! I’m sad that I can't upload the video here, ’cause I don't have the @Wordpress Business Plan, Y'all. Also, I want to say thank you to everyone who reached... Continue Reading →

Tear the House Down

My grief into story-telling... I came out of the closet at 16 years old. At 33, when anyone's suspicions are confirmed about me, I am used to their disingenuous reactions.  "Oh, how hard that must have been," or "I have this cousin.."  But, in truth - it wasn't hard at all.  I had a great childhood... Continue Reading →

Boy in a Dress #WednesdayWisdom

Did I do it right?  This is wisdom where I come from. Hey! It's true either way.  Good info, too 🙂   #WednesdayWisdom #October3rd #NationalBoyfriendDay

Badass Cross Stitch

Nooooo, I didn't mean that as an oxymoron. My friend, Meghan, is reinventing what cross stitch means to the *cough* 30-something and fabulous crowd. Check out the photos and head on over to her Instagram and shows her some love and follows!


So I didn't share this a couple days ago because I'm new to Twitter and wasn't quite sure to do with myself. But, for YEARS, I have been obsessed with Deb Harkness and the All-Souls Trilogy. I have been (in)patiently waiting for the TV show to come out. I posted this to Twitter and the... Continue Reading →

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