Been Missing

Sorry! I've been terrible about posting lately.  The book is finally done and is processing for release on November 1st.  Time to get back to it! ❤

Can’t Get It Out of my Head

I used to love the movie Cold Mountain. Like, watch it 3 times a day, love. It's been a few years since I've seen it now, though.  But I woke up with this closing monologue running on loop through my head. It won't stop!


I’m not politically correct and I’m not a serene type of person.  I feel things strongly and it shows.  I am quick to state my opinions and am usually too stubborn to change them out loud (even if I am wrong in the end).  But, I’m not an asshole, on purpose. “That’s the ugliest…” I... Continue Reading →

Reviewers Needed!

As some of you might have seen earlier - my new romance novel is up for pre-order on Amazon HERE.  I am wanting to hit the ground running and have found myself in need of reviews. Now, here is my proposition.  I will send you a PDF transcript version of the first nine chapters - thats 65 pages... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Reveal!

Hey, everybody! I hope you had a great weekend. Since my novel is in the process of being approved for pre-order, I am excited to finally reveal my book cover! You can check out the (updated) first 3 chapters, here. I created it myself, since as a new indie writer, I do not have the... Continue Reading →

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